Nation Of Yisraal

Yisraal is Isaac and Yishmayl

"Both Brothers are Hebrew"

The Nation of Yisraal was established based upon the Covenant with Abraham being the Father of Nations and Sarah being the Mother of Nations. His two sons Isaac and Yishmayl is Yisraal. The two sons makes up the 24 Seats of the Senate. International Peace can be established by these two brothers of the covenant of peace through the Messiah Government of Peace that has been restored by the Counsel of Peace. These two brothers are Hebrew. The world tries to make it look as though they hated each other, but not so. As long as there are intruders in the land pretending to be the promise people, there will never be peace. The Time has come to unite and renew our covenant with Yahweh Our Heavenly Father.

The 24 Seats of Yisraal is The United Nation of Yisraal

The Twelve Princes of Isaac

 Rĕ'uwben –  שִׁמְעוֹן 

   Yĕhuwdah – יְהוּדָה

  Gad – גָּד

       Zĕbuwluwn – זְבוּלוּן      


SIMEON - רְאוּבֵן

  Dan – דָּן  

 Yissaskar – יִשָּׂשׂכָר 

 Yowceph – יוֹסֵף 

 LEVI - לֵוִי

     Naphtaliy – נַפְתָּלִי

      Yissaskar – יִשָּׂשׂכָר

           Binyamiyn – בִּנְיָמִין     

Twelve Princes of Yishmayl

 Nabajoth -  נְבָיוֹת    

 Mibsam -  מִבְשָׂם 

 Massa -  מַשָּׂא 

 Jetur -  יְטוּר 


Kedar -  קֵדָר 

 Mishma - מִשְׁמָע 

 Hadad -  חֲדַר 

 Naphish - נָפִישׁ  

 Adbeel - אַדְבְּאֵל 

 Dumah -  דּוּמָה 

 Tema -  תֵּימָא 

 Kedemah -  קֵדְמָה 

About Us

The True Birth of the Nation of Yisraal

Nation of Yisraal (Israel) was conceived through the Covenant of Peace on May 27, 2012, and was born on February 27, 2013.      

Yerusalem is the throne of the Nation of Yisraal, its seat of the Government of Peace, and the Holiest City in Yahdah

The Seed of David

And it shall be, when he [the seed of David] sitteth upon the throne of his kingdom (government), that  he shall write [register] him a copy [written copy] of this law in a book out of that which is before the priests the Levites [or others in authority]: Deu 17:18 KJV      

A Holy Nation

1 . The nation Yisraal (Israel) is Yahweh’s firstborn son of the Covenant and is his private property.

2. This Covenant was sealed by the body of Yahweh’s Law.  

3. And those who of their free-will affix (seal) their names to this body of Law, become the property of Yahweh.    

4. And with their names engraved in the Stones and written in the Book of Memorial, they will be remembered before Yahweh.    

5. Yahweh has sworn, that those who enter into the covenant, they will be priests after the Order of Melchizedek, (Click Here)

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It is Time to Unite

Come and Enter into the Restored Covenant of Peace

1. .........,  enter into covenant with Yahweh thy God, and into his oath, which Yahweh thy God make with us this day: Deu 29:12 KJV   

2. That he may establish us today for a people unto himself, and that he may be unto us a God, as he hath said unto us, and as he hath sworn unto our fathers, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Yaaqob (Jacob). Deu 29:13 KJV   


Nation Of Yisraal

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